About me and this website.

As a Balinese wood art collector I get many questions from other collectors and people who are interested in Balinese wood crafts. Statues with all the involved gods, mythical figures, story's and expressions can be very complex, so I decided to share all my know how in a easy explainable way, and hope this will also make more people interested and keep this Art alive. The only Deco Art collectors will be disappointed the reason you can find in about collecting. Am Roland smeets and origin Dutch and because of our Dutch 350 years colonial history with Indonesia there are many statues in Holland. Since 1995 I designed Balinese gardens en visited and imported many containers from Bali. I grew up with many Indonesian people as friends and pasar malams, also I practiced 30 years Martial arts and known also people who practiced Indonesian pencak silat what involves also the use of a keris. This website i dedicate only to Master wood crafts from Bali and there meaning and specialy statues from the Ramanyana story. If you ever have a special statue for sale you can contact me if it fits in my collection. 

Thank you Roland smeets. Email villa-paraiso@outlook.com