Balinese Exclusive Nude Art

A exclusive Balinese Nude Art collection of 13 limited printed photographs is now available, limited editions of only 18 prints each.....numbered and signed by Roland Smeets, printed on plexiglass what will make these images look crisp, highlighting the depth of colour and the clarity of detail. It's guaranteed to elevate the look of any room. Acrylic photo prints have become the industry standard for art galleries and photo expositions. They can be directly placed on your wall. Acrylic glass is half of the weight of common glass. And that's not all, they are impact-resistant acrylic prints are up to 10 times less likely to get broken! Delivered with a chrome mount hanging system, it provides your artwork with a professionally lit effect. Each picture has a number and the size is 60x 40cm. Only available on auction site Catawiki.