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I'm not a commercial trader, I'm a collector and Balinese woodcarving expert who sells statues from 30 years collecting. I only sell high end collectors items here, I sell also carvings under the name of Magistrato on auction site Catawiki. If you see an item you like, send a email with the title and product number and I contact you with further details. You can click on each picture to enlarge, You are also welcome to make an offer! If you need any more pictures or details let me know. I ship worldwide. I you have a realy interesting Balinese statue am always interested as a collector to buy it maybe from you. Thank you Roland Smeets

Nr 1 Bima, rare item 1940-1960  36x14cm Euro 490,- a exact similar statue was valued Euro 900-1200 and sold for 720,- on auction site Catawiki.

Nr2 Daily life, Shorea wood 35x23x18cm M.D. Arki Sedang 1945-1955 Euro 495,- 

Nr 3 Nude woman, superbum carved very detailed, from heavy Sawokecik wood 32cm Euro 650,-

Nr 4 Kumbakarna, very old rare statue from Rosewood 9 Monkeys! 1930 statues where small because for traveling, it is only 26cm, not shown but he holds a club from chicken bone smaller carvings are more difficult to make then larger ones. Age 1930-1950 Euro 495,-

Nr 5 Gaja Mina, another very rare statue i offer excellent carved, read more about the meaning in my book. Around 1980s size 43 x 23cm Euro 395,-

Nr 6 Kresna and Kaliya,  very rare made by I Wayan Pudja (R.I.P) a mastercarver who worked 25 years for Tilem, while at Tilem they ask 10.000 dollar or more, I offer you this rare unique large statue 91 x 37cm for Euro 1600,- Acasia wood year 2012. 

Nr 7 Rawana, Sita and Jatayu. Incredible rare with a modern touch, and made from expensive rosewood 22Kg! The wood price alone uncarved is already 60,- a Kg. The statue measures 100x30x20cm around 1960-1970 Euro 2400,-

Nr 8 Rawana-Wilmana-Sita-Jatayu Rosewood 1930-1950 Measures 90x30x20cm and weights 16Kg this used wood has a price today around 60,- a Kg uncarved. Euro 1600,-

Nr 9  Sita and Agni 80x33cm 18Kg another rare, heavy and large statue it resembles a story shown in my book, made from Suar wood Euro 750,-

Nr 11 The Monkey kings, Sugriwa, Subali and Dewi Tara, Very large masterpiece resembling a rarely carved story 86x55, signed by famous carver Nyoman Subrata, Suar wood Euro 1400,-

Nr 12 Masterpiece from the Tantra Gallery in Mas, connected with the famous Ida Bagus Nyana and his brother Tilem, their grandfather Tantra was a celebrated temple carver. Its extremely detailed carved, Hanoman gives Sita the ring from Rama, Maccasar Ebony wood 1200,-

Nr 13 Antaboga, very rare statue from 1935-1940 Naga Antaboga is the king of Nagas and statues are quite rare, specially from this age. Euro 395,-

Nr 14 Dewi Winata, very rare to find, 31 cm excellent carving crocodile wood Euro 650,-

Nr 15 Pamurtian Siwa, one of the only few statues in the world with proof it is from before Worldwar II, it is is printed on a postcard from a hotel in the Netherlands 1947. You can find this postcard also online.</h3> Read the full story in my book. In this case it is not only the statue what brings value but the proof of history makes it a valuable authentic collectors item Euro 10.000,-

Nr 16 Unique Nude girl lying

While there are thousands off carved nude girls standing, this is the only one in this style i have ever seen lying down, only in Art Deco sometimes they carved them lying down, this statue is for sure from 1960 i bought it as the second person the previous owner from USA was a marine sailor, so it can be older. Made from expensive heavy rosewood 54cm long. Euro 650,-