Sandelwood, cenana (santalu album) is because of its slow growth rate one of the most expensive woods in the world, trunks reach rarely 15cm thats why carvings are small. Soon you will find here special old and rare sandelwood carvings for sale from my private collection. Sandelwood is also known as Cendana in Bali, it come from the Timor region in the old days and its wanted because of its smell and oil. It was so valuable it has led to many conflicts in the past, these days the wood is protected. True sandelwood statues are expensive, there is a lot of cheap imitation made from coffee wood what they give a sandalwood smell. In the past Sandelwood was only used by the best Master carvers, later also used by normal carvers, with my experience i can see the differents because the very old carvings where more refined as the younger ones, also very old sandelwood carvings haveing a different darker colour i noticed. With sandelwood carvings it is not about the high price for a small carving, the high price is just because it is small and the used rare wood of cource, you must imagine to carve something so small and delicate without breaking it! that takes a lot of time and effort, a larger statue is much more easy to make, the carver uses a hammer and chisel, while for sanelcarvings they use very fine knifes etc. 

I'm not a commercial trader, I'm a collector and Balinese woodcarving expert who sells statues from 30 years collecting. I only sell high end Mastercarving collectors items here, You buy what you see, this is not production work! I sell also carvings under the name of Magistrato on auction site Catawiki. If you see an item you like, send a email with the title and product number and I contact you with further details. You can click on each picture to enlarge, While i put already reasonable prices you are also welcome to make an offer! If you need any more pictures or details let me know. I ship worldwide. Thank you Roland Smeets

Sandelwood carving of Brahma just like Saraswati on his Swan, rarely found... made by I Wayan Weta 17,5x6,5x7,5cm Euro 280,-

Stunning rare and large Sandelwoodcarving! Wisnu on garuda on top, the turtle bedawang and above him Antaboga, on bothe sides a Naga, rarely found in this large size and superior carved like this, in the 1980s when Bali was still cheap these statues where already Euro 500,- these days the wood is even more scares, protected and carvers who can still do this kind of work becoming very rare... Euro 850,-

Stunning complicated to carve Sandelwood carving of Sita, Rama and his brother Lakshman below 23x12x7cm Euro 350,-