About us

I'm Roland Smeets, worldwide known also as photographer and many other disciplines, but also as a Balinese woodcarving collector and expert in these statues, I'm the Author of the Book, Understanding Balinese Art 1920-2020
ISBN /EAN 978-90-9033873-6

I'm a Balinese woodcarver collector since 1994, not only did I just collect statues, I imported since the 90s many containers from Bali and introduced Balinese gardening in the Netherlands and brought many original garden statues, furniture and lamps from Bali. In all those years I have build a network with Master carvers in Bali. With buying this book you support also several woodcarvers and their families in Bali to keep this art alive, I work with master carvers and brought also forgotten woodcarvings and their tales, knowledge and new ideas back to Bali, what resulted in special carvings coming back in to the market again. I run a Bed and Breakfast in Algarve Portugal www.villa-paraiso.com we have two Balinese suites and a small woodcarving museum.