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I'm Roland Smeets, ones also worldwide known as wildife & erotic photographer, known as worlds largest Mexican Usa Yucca importer exporter and known in many other disciplines, but also known as a Balinese woodcarving collector and expert in these statues, I'm the Author of the large Book, Understanding Balinese Woodcarvings 1920-2020 ISBN /EAN 978-90-9033873-6

I'm a Balinese woodcarver collector since 1994, not only did I just collect statues, I imported since the 90s many containers from Bali and introduced Balinese gardening in the Netherlands and brought many original garden statues, furniture and lamps from Bali. In all those years I have build a network trough the world with other collectors and with Master carvers in Bali. I work also together with a master carver to bring back forgotten figures and with them their tales and stories, this resulted in some special unique carvings coming back in to the market. Since my book was published collecting Balinese woodcarvings has become more popular, because my book made people at last understand the statues. 

Note: Lot of my book info, incl my former statues are afterwards published onlline without mentioning me as the source!  This is the source and original Understanding Balinese Woodcarving website and includes also the first Facebookgroup about Balinese woodcarvings, so join us with more then thousand members, here you can post and ask quistions about Balinese woodcarvings. 

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About Me

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