Below you will find the most rare and exclusive Balinese woodcarvings, they are unique rare and of cource much more expensive as common carvings that i sell on auction. With less Master woodcarvers this art becomes very rare and expensive in Bali, keep in mind also the hudge expenses in shipping costs form Bali! The items i sell are including shipping and packing costs, the items on this page can only be shipped by Pallet transport! EU Only! Prices are negotiable! Contact me when interested with order Nr Roland Smeets For cheaper items follow my auctions Lots offered by Magistrato - Catawiki

Hanuman fighting a Ogresone of a kind carving, look to all the details and carved fur of Hanuman, they dont make them like this anymore or they cost a fortune, its also made from teak wood while these days its all Suar wood. Signed KT Raka from the famous carving town of Mas Bali 200cmx50 x50cm around the late 1970s or 1980s.
Price € 18.500 Order Nr 005

Vishnu on Garuda 240x110cm € 8.500,- Impressive older piece around 1990 the wings on the site and tail behind and the Naga heads are lose, so seperate. The flower carving panel in front of the tail is rarely seen. Shipping only mainland EU. Order Nr 006

Hanuman fighting Naga € 4.500 Impressive piece around 1998 and measures 160x70x40cm only the upperpart is for sale, but lower part 80x70cm can be included for 500,- If you compare to the above Hanuman statue, you will see that the fur is much rougher and easier carved, that is why older detailed pieces are much more rare and detailed. Time became mony...also on Bali.  Shipping only mainland EU. Order Nr 007

Ramayana panel 105x64 and 12cm deep! incredible deeply carved work, the carving showing Lakshman, Rama Sita and the deer € 2.950 Order Nr 009

Very rare and heavy size of a hudge Naga 1980 Size 107x50x20cm made from Teak wood. € 2.850,- Order Nr 010

Impressive large and heavy Pamurtian statue around 1935 or older, what makes it unique it the date with proof! its in the background of a old hotel postcard in the Netherlands € 9.500 Described in my book. Unique rare collectors item! Size 96x28x30cm Tropical hardwood probably Mahogany Order Nr 011 The postcart 1935-1950 you can find online Beelden (

Superiour detailed large Legong dancer i bought around 1998 Teak wood, these detailed carvings are hard to find these days in Bali € 4.500 Order Nr 012

Large natural formed rootcarving from Panggal Buaya wood also known as crocodile wood it means the carver followed the natural form of the wood to carve this. It presents on top Hanuman who attacks the evil king Rawahna with his monkey army, you see also 4 smaller monkeys some have different headresses that means they are generals like Nila with a supit urang and Nala with the flamed hair. Gallery item from Mas Bali 1990s Size Height 120x94x102cm € 3,500,- This statue can also be picked up in the Netherlands.