Art Deco Bali - Pitah Maha 1930-1940
I offer on my website only the best of the best Balinese Art Deco statues from my Private collection. Prices includes free worldwide shipping! The Balinese wood carving style underwent a transformation during the 1930s and 1940s. The creative outburst that emerged during this transition period did happen because of Western modern influences. Its distinguishing features include simple, clean shapes, often with a streamlined look.

Order Nr AD1: Late 1960 Balinese Art Deco, Ganesha in a modern art deco style made from green hibiscus wood, rare item 31x9,5x7,5cm € 450,-

Saraswati Oder Nr AD3: Old style 1938-1950 of Saraswati on her Swan. 30x13x10cm € 650,-