On Auction

For years i offer only top Quality carvings from Bali from my collection on Auction site Catawiki under the name of Magistrato. I will update the links on this website to new items.

Sembayang Art Deco Beeldje(s) - hard hout - Art Deco Bali - Bali, Indonesië - Catawiki

Dewi Sri Modern Style Beeldje(s) - hard hout - Dewi Sri - Bali, Indonesië - Catawiki

Lontar Reader Beeldje(s) - Pangal Buaya-hout - Art Deco Bali - Bali, - Catawiki

Antaboga Beeldje(s) - hard hout - Antaboga - Bali, Indonesië - Catawiki

Sandelwood Sri Dewi Beeldje(s) - Sandelhout - Dewi Sri - Mas, Bali, Indonesië - Catawiki

Goddess, stunning carved Beeldje(s) - Sono Keling hout - Goddess Balinese - Mas, - Catawiki