Traditional Sales, all the items i sell here will not be auctioned they are to special, all prices are including Free worldwide shipping costs. Good news my prices are fair but negotiable! Interested just send a email with Order Nr. For bidding items follow my auctions on Lots offered by Magistrato - Catawiki

Cupak Grantang Order Nr 002: This is a very rare statue, known as Cupak Grantang in indonesian and  Balinese mythology. Its a story about two brothers and includes tales with a dog. He wears a Keris on his back which survived the time, the statue is in excellent state and not repaired.. It showcases the skilled craftsmanship of Bali's artists in the 1930s and 40s. This handmade piece is a stunning example of Balinese culture and tradition. Provenance Roland Smeets seller of very rare Balinese Art and author of the book Understanding Balinese Woodcarvings. This collectible sculpture is a treasure for any collector of Asian art. Embrace the rich culture of Indonesia with this one-of-a-kind piece. Zise 40-15-11cm € 850,-

Canang Sari Order Nr 004. RESERVED! Stunning Balinese carving in heavy red Mahogany wood, Balinese girl making offerings called Canang Sari. This statue is in outstanding rare quality! 1950-1960 € 850,- worldwide free shipping.

Bhima fighting a Naga. Order Nr 008 read the story in my book. Very large size 70x50x50cm made from a natural formed piece of wood that means the carver followed the lines of the wood to make this creation.  1.650,-

Ramayana Tale. A large carving representing a Ramayana tale, on Top the evil king Rawana with his helper the demon Marika who changed into the golden deer, he is almost never carved! they look below to Sita and Rama and his brother Laksmana. Incredible work from tropical hardwood size 61x28x16cm € 1.650,- Order Nr 009

Hanoman and Naga Surasa. Order Nr 011 read the story in my book. Stunning Gallery item 1970s very rare incredible quality from Macassar Ebony wood, very heavy one of a kind quality, 61x28x16cm € 1.850,-