Sandelwood Statues

Sandelwood, cenana (santalu album)
Sandelwood is also known as Cendana in Bali, it came in the past from the Timor region and its wanted because of its smell and oil. It was so valuable it has led to many conflicts in the past, these days the wood is protected. True sandelwood statues are very expensive, there is a lot of cheap imitation made from coffee wood, what they give a sandalwood smell. In the past only the best carvings were made from Sandelwood, these days the wood quality is less because its commercial grown and also the carving quality is less but still very expensive! the woodcarvers who had all the time and skills like the old carvings are gone and its very rare still to find them, the young generation want easy jobs. I sell only the old rare high quality carvings! Small carvings like this can be more expensive and valueble as large carvings because you must imagine to get this out of wood! its not done with chisels its to small it's a art on its own. All statue prices are negotiable and with worldwide free shipping! contact me with order Nr if interested

Rama gives his ring to Hanuman Order Nr S1: Belonged to a Collection they were bought 1 July 1946 only one of them was signed but thats why i know the age of this statue, Ultimate rare to find so small in sandelwood. Also the lower part is carved something mostly done only in the old days. € 950,- free shipping.