Sandelwood Sales

One of the most valueble and wanted wood species with a fragnance smell, in the past only the best woodcarvings where made from Sandelwood, it came from wild sources in Timor, trunk diameters are mostly not more then 14cm, larger carvings are mostly made from roots. I sell only old work mostly made between 1930-1970 because not only the wood has changed in smell and apperance because its commercial fast grown these days the carvings made from it are no longer superiour like in the past, simply because the carvers who could make such refined work are almost no longer there... time became money also on Bali... first thing to understand is that how smaller the carving how more difficult to make, compare it with a chainsaw, then chisels, but this work needs almost needles to make... take a minute and think about it.. to carve this out of wood. Important with looking at pictures is also not to zoom in to much because the work is so small its not what you will see in reality.